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Gloves is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter where you don’t need guns to have fun. Just slip on a glove and you’ve got all you need! Six crazy gloves give you the ability to climb, leap, zap and explode your way across downtown. You can even turn your lights off for a stealthy approach.

The war between Love and Hate is bitter, and the City is cruel. Whatever your fantasy, prepare to cry havoc and let slip the rabid poodles of all-out neonpunk gang war!

And listen to these while you’re at it.


Right here.


Use WASD to move around and SPACE to jump. Left and right click fires the glove you have on that hand. Hold down the button to use secondary attack. When standing at a glove pad, press G to select gloves. Simply left or right click on the glove you want to equip it to that hand. Hit R to toggle your lights. Without lights you’re harder to see, but can be damaged by weapons from both sides.


  • PUSH: pushes anybody nearby away from you, and kills your momentum. Hold down the button to launch yourself forwards.
  • SHIELD: creates a temporary barrier to keep you safe. You can walk through it only in one direction. Hold down to remove your shield, wherever it is.
  • LASER: rapid-fire laser gun. What else do you want?
  • ROCKET: fires a big bright rocket.
  • FLAY: close-range melee attack that really hurts. Hold down for something special.
  • ANCHOR: sticks you to the surface you’re looking at. If you fire it while in midair, you’ll stick to the next wall you collide with.