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Welcome to the home of the Walkabout Naviation Toolkit, an addon for the Torque 3D game engine which integrates the Recast/Detour navmesh library.Walkabout uses Recast to quickly build robust navigation meshes, and Detour for lightning-fast pathfinding.

Whether you’re looking for a robust, optimised pathfinding solution to power your hardcore RTS, a quick and easy pathfinder for your FPS or RPG characters, or just want to experiment with character navigation, Walkabout has you covered. Thanks to the power of the Recast/Detour library and the fully-featured editor plugin, you can have your characters navigating like pros within minutes of loading your level.

Though simple to learn and use, Walkabout doesn’t compromise on features. On top of basic navigation, Walkabout can automatically generate cover points for your characters to use, make moving characters jump over gaps or drop down ledges, and handle characters who get stuck and need to replan. It’s also fully compatible with the Universal AI Starter Kit.


  1. October 12, 2014 Open-sourcing blog
  2. March 28, 2014 Release 1 patch 4 blog
  3. May 20, 2013 Release 1 patch 3 blog
  4. April 20, 2013 Release 1 patch 2 blog
  5. March 13, 2013 What’s next for Walkabout?
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  8. September 21, 2012 Pre-release blog
  9. July 14, 2012 Announcement blog


  • Automatic navmesh generation with Recast
  • Automatic cover-point generation for action games
  • Fast A* pathfinding with Detour
    • One-way pathfinding, patrols, and cover-finding
    • Fully integrated with the AIPlayer class
  • Dynamic updates
    • Navmeshes can be rebuilt in real-time when level geometry changes
    • Paths update when the navmesh updates
  • Fully-featured editor plugin with support for off-mesh links and more
  • Documentation and tutorials!
  • Easy integration with the Universal AI Starter Kit, or any other high-level AI system


Full playlist: YouTube


Does Walkabout give my characters AI?

No, sorry. Walkabout is designed to provide pathfinding, not artificial intelligence. Pathfinding allows your characters to move sensibly around the level without running into things, but you still need a higher intelligence telling them where to go! That higher-level direction is very specific to your game, and there are already great resources and products out there to cover all your AI needs. If you don’t want to write your own, I recommend trying the UAISK or TAIK.

If Recast/Detour is open-source, why do I have to pay for Walkabout?

Mikko Mononen, the author of the Recast/Detour library, has been incredibly generous in providing his work under a permissive open-source license. Anybody is obviously free to provide their own integration of Recast/Detour and T3D. Walkabout is one of these implementations. However, that integration is a significant amount of work, much more than just plugging Recast/Detour source files into the engine. Especially when you include the full editor plugin! In my opinion, that amount of work is worth paying for. If you don’t agree, why not try my free Recast Resource, which provides a more basic integration of Recast/Detour and T3D?

Can I trust you with my credit card details?

All payments made on this website are handled by PayPal. I never see your credit card details! I will be able to see the email address you use to make the purchase, and a copy will be stored in my database for validation purposes - and so that you can re-download Walkabout whenever you need to! I will not divulge your email address or any other identifying information to a third party unless legally required to do so.

Is there anyone you’d like to thank?

A great many people!Walkabout is possible only thanks to the generosity of Mikko Mononen in sharing his Recast/Detour libraries, and also allowing me to sell a product derived from his work. I also want to thank GarageGames, makers of the excellent Torque 3D engine.

I have been fortunate to have found a crack team of testers and reviewers. Foremost among these are Twisted Jenius (of the UAISK) and Jacob Dankovchik (of the T3D Environment Pack). I’d also like to give a big thank-you to Steve Acaster, Bryce (of the TAIK), and Thomas Dickerson. Without you guys, Walkabout wouldn’t be half the product it is!

I am also indebted to countless members of the GG community and staff, and Andy Rollins in particular, who introduced me to navmeshes many moons ago.

What’s with the name?

A walkabout is a journey, a rite of passage among indigenous Australian peoples.


If you have questions, comments, or even a bug to report, please email me. My email address is walkaboutnavigation at the popular server gmail.com. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

If you have issues with installation, compulation, or general use, please drop by the dedicated forum thread. Hopefully your issue has already been mentioned and solved!